75 Iowa State Students Test Positive for COVID-19; Shouldn’t Affect Football Season

According to KCCI News in Iowa, seventy-five Iowa State University students tested positive for COVID-19 upon return to campus.

While this may seem like an alarming number of students, once the numbers are dissected, there should absolutely be no knee jerk reaction to this news.

The report would continue to state that the seventy-five students only accounted for a 2.2% positive rate in testing — with a total of 3,472 students were tested.

No, this will not have any affect whatsoever on the upcoming football season for the Big 12. The fear mongering media will lead you to believe otherwise, but always do your homework before assuming. These students will be quarantined, and any potential outbreak on campus will be avoided.

Iowa State is scheduled to begin their season on September 12th against Louisiana.