Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Person Claims to Have COVID at West Virginia Game

Morgantown, West Virginia - A young man named Justin posted a video of himself at a West Virginia Mountaineers game on TikTok with the caption that read, "Is it too late to tell everyone that I got COVID two days ago?" https://twitter.com/TizzyEnt/status/1442938269402996737?s=20 Justin, who appears to be sitting in a packed student section with no mask on, has been confirmed to not be a student at West Virginia University. https://twitter.com/WestVirginiaU/status/1443215916280463366?s=20 West Virginia University also said the following about the incident: "We've shared (the video) with our Student Conduct office, and they will investigate.  Students who test positive and are in violation of our student code will be subject to discipline." https://twitter.com/WestVirginiaU/status/1442944799951126528?s=20  

JT Daniels’ Outrageous Demands in the Transfer Portal

Morgantown, West Virginia - Last offseason, JT Daniels was one of the hottest players available in the transfer portal. A former five star quarterback, Daniels drew attention from several programs looking for an experienced, proven leader that could push their team over the hump. Ultimately, it came down to Missouri, Oregon State and West Virginia for his services. According to donors at Oregon State, Daniels had several major demands from their program if he was going to consider going there. Daniels reportedly asked for a four bedroom rental home, a personal chef and a six-figure endorsement deal. Daniels ended up choosing West Virginia University, where he was the starting quarterback for most of the season before being replaced by backup Garrett Greene. Daniels, who today announced his intention to enter the transfer portal again, will now attempt to play for his 4th team during his college career after playing at USC, Georgia and West Virginia. During his year with the Mountaineers, was 200 of 327 for 2,107 yards, 13 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in ten starts. Although terms of his NIL deal with Country Roads Trust was never revealed, he was rumored to have earned close to $500,000 or more for his year in Morgantown. https://twitter.com/PacFight/status/1600200231445929985?s=20&t=VuhsyCPNYpTc2Y7zyoqCoA

The Dark Days of West Virginia Sports

Morgantown, West Virginia - West Virginia sports is at a very pivotal moments in its history. The landscape of college athletics is quickly changing and West Virginia must adapt, or it will be left behind. The creation of Country Roads Trust is a tremendous first step, but it is truly just a first step. The top programs around the nation already have organized, focused efforts in place to ensure that they remain relevant. West Virginia is increasingly in danger of becoming irrelevant in the national landscape. The West Virginia football program under Neal Brown has lost its identity and identity is important for multiple reasons but most importantly recruiting. Brown has been moderately successful as a recruiter on paper at West Virginia but what exactly has it led to on the field? It's remarkable that Brown has convinced players to buy into his program. The product on the field - the vanilla play-calling, the lack of playing time for young players, the losing - certainly can't match what he's selling to these recruits. The "family atmosphere" that Brown has created around his football program is fine, but virtually every program in the country has that. Brown must find a way to distinguish his programs from others and so far, he simply has not done that. The West Virginia fanbase is a massive selling point to recruits, but Brown has lost a large portion of that with his mediocre results and boring style. While it's difficult to understand why a recruit would chose to play for Neal Brown with endless other possibilities available, it may be even more challenging to understand why a top prospect would ultimately decide to play for Bob Huggins. Huggins, one of the most successful, accomplished coaches ever, is the opposite of a player-friendly coach. He's tough, he's hard, he's abrasive. While players in the past chose coaches like Huggins to become better men on and off the court, today's players only want what's best for themselves. Players learn to love Bob Huggins, but it takes time and time is very limited in today’s game. Huggins selling "playing for 1.8 million West Virginians" to an inner-city kid is commendable in theory, it's ridiculous and ineffective in the real world. A top recruit in today's world wants to be prepared to play at the next level and to get paid big money while doing it. A state’s obsession with the team just doesn’t matter like it used to. Huggins' track record of putting players in the NBA at West Virginia is not exactly great. His record of developing successful players at the next level is even worse. In addition, Huggins' handling of Oscar Tshiebwe is a prime, shining example for recruits on why they would chose a program like Kentucky over West Virginia. Tshiebwe was completely off the NBA Draft radar last season at West Virginia. Now he's a national player of the year front-runner and considered a lock to be drafted when he leaves Kentucky. Major changes - both philosophically and financially - need to happen for West Virginia to be relevant in this changing world. What they are doing is not working and unfortunately, it's hard to see how it's going to be much better in the near future. The football team's schedule is one of the most challenging in many years and there's no real reason to expect a winning season. The basketball team loses most of its talent next season and Bob Huggins has openly admitted that he doesn't want to use the transfer portal to build his team. Although it's always been difficult to be a West Virginia fan, it's particularly hard in 2022.

WATCH: Video of Police Brutality Just Outside of Morgantown Resurfaces

To begin, this is not a recent event.  This happened nearly 18 months ago in Westover, just outside of Morgantown, West Virginia.  Although this is considered "old news", it's very much relevant considering what is happening in our country right now.  The point of this article is that very few people in the Morgantown area even know that this happened because it was virtually swept under the rug. This is just one of many stories that highlight the brutality of police officers in the United States.  What you'll see in the video is Andre Howton, a Westover resident be unlawfully pulled out of his home, thrown to the ground, suffering multiple injuries including a broken jaw and three teeth smashed out.  In addition, as you can see in the  below picture of Howton following his arrest, he also suffered a black eye and multiple lacerations on his face. Photo courtesy of The Dominion Post The video shows Howton standing in the doorway of his home.  Two police officers tell him that he's being disrespectful and to go inside.  When Howton doesn't immediately go inside, one of the officers throw Howton to the ground and continuously punches Howton in the ribcage.  The other officer tells the officer on top of Howton to "spray that motherfucker, spray him!"  He also claimed that the individual with Howton tried to "attack the officer" in the video, although there is absolutely no evidence of that in the video.  At the end of the video, the police officer says, "You can both get battery on an officer." In an interview with The Dominion Post, Westover Police Chief Rick Panico said that the officers did not use excessive force.  "We did a use-of-force report on it and we checked it out and ran it through and we didn't find anything that was outside the normal bounds.  We respond with an appropriate level of force when the officer gets involved in a situation where it becomes self-defense." Panico continued, "We have to defend ourselves to control the threat.  This officer during this encounter stated he was basically defending himself in the process of making a lawful arrest." After watching the video, it's difficult to see what Panico is referring to.  Howton did not present any threat at all to the officers and in fact appeared to be very subdued considering he was just thrown to the ground and beat up.  Again, this is just one of many, many videos that have resurfaced in the last week showing unlawful police brutality, but the fact that it happened in our own back yard makes it particularly horrifying. See the video below and make your own conclusion. https://twitter.com/ayeeimalexx/status/1266568364668981248?s=21

Top Five Realistic Players West Virginia Could Land in the Transfer Portal

Morgantown, West Virginia - The transfer portal officially opens tomorrow. Instead of being able to leave a school at any time, players now have to enter the portal within set dates. The first window opens tomorrow, December 5th, and closes 45 days later on January 18, 2023. West Virginia has several key holes to fill and Neal Brown and his coaching staff will be responsible for filling those needs prior to the start of next season. Here are the players that the Mountaineers are most likely to target in the coming weeks: Jonquis "JQ" Hardaway, CB, Cincinnati - Former 4 star quarterback out of Alabama, Hardaway recently entered the transfer portal after Luke Fickell left the program for Wisconsin. West Virginia offered Hardaway out of high school and is very interested in getting him on this second go around. Gilbert Frierson, CB, Miami - A graduate transfer, Frierson started all 11 games and finished with 53 tackles, including nine tackles for loss, two sacks, four pass breakups and a fumble recovery in 2020. Last season he started three of his 12 games and finished with 41 tackles, 3 1/2 tackles for loss and a sack. Nick Oliveira, OL, Cincinnati - Another former Cincinnati commit, Oliveira, a 6'5 280 pound offensive tackle was recently offered by the Mountaineers. Oliveira is a New Jersey native so West Virginia will have to battle Rutgers for his services. Deandrae McCray, Wide Receiver/Running Back, Austin Peay - McCray, a talented athlete out of Tallahassee, Florida, had 75 receptions for over 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns this last season. West Virginia recently offered. DJ Oliver, Running Back, USF - 6'0, 240 pound running back from Port Saint Joe, Florida, Oliver was recently offered by the Mountaineers after USF's former head coach Jeff Scott was fired.

Top WVU Recruit Set To Announce

Lamy Constant is a program changer.  He’s one of the best running backs in the high school ranks nationally and right now he’s one of the very best uncommitted recruits in the 2020 class.  West Virginia just so happens to be at the very top of his list and the West Virginia coaching staff wants him, needs him badly.   Moments ago, Constant said “it’s time” in regards to making his future college decision. https://twitter.com/ConstantLamy20/status/1189544548084731904 Constant, 6’0 and 186 pounds, is a 4 star running back out of Brooklyn, New York.   He is the top ranked prospect in the state and the 20th ranked running back in the class of 2020.  According to the Crystal Ball Predictions, he is listed as 100% predicted to attend West Virginia University. He’s fast, he’s strong, he can run you over and he can run past you.  He’s versatile.  He can play multiple positions and is as comfortable lining up out wide as he is as a running back.  He is the complete package.  To watch him on film is to watch someone special, someone different, someone with real superstar potential.  Lamy Constant “plays the game angry.” According to 247 Sports, Constant has “wide shoulders and good frame. He can easily carry 20 pounds more and get to 205.  Quick feet. Has patience and vision running between tackles. Sneaky quick ability to accelerate. Knows when to bounce plays outside. Good cutback runner with body control. Strong stiff arm. Has to show he can run with power and break tackles. Becoming more physical runner will help. Has to run with lower pad level. Adding strength throughout frame integral for development. Improving pass catching ability a must. Multi-year starter for Top 20 program. Likely will become a late-round NFL draft selection.” Constant visited Morgantown on March 3rd and had “an awesome visit.”  He followed it up with a #TakeMeHome20 and #HailWV, and then “Be back real soon!”  Although Constant is being courted by every elite program in the country (Florida, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Tennessee, Texas A&M and all the other big boys in the nation are calling), Constant recently narrowed his list to Texas A&M, Michigan State, LSU and West Virginia. Constant spoke with “Beasts of the East” following his Final 4 announcement and said the following about each program: TEXAS A&M: “How real and upfront the coaching staff is. They don’t sugarcoat much and that’s exactly what I need to continue to elevate my game.” MICHIGAN STATE: “The coaches are extremely genuine. They are eager to get me on campus and start working.” LSU: “Honestly the name speaks for itself. The legacy and tradition built there when it comes to the running back position isn’t something you can argue.” WEST VIRGINIA: “The one school I visited so far. Great facilities and an even better presence when it comes to the knowledge and experience under the coaching staff’s belt.” According to 247 Sports Composite, “Constant maintains a low profile in recruiting and has long been linked to West Virginia.   He could make visits during his senior season before announcing a decision. Constant made a visit to West Virginia in the spring and there is talk he could return to campus when the dead period ends later this month. He is yet to visit the other three finalists, which could delay his decision.” Right now, West Virginia is the clear leader for Constant. If West Virginia University is lucky enough to land him, he is a player that Neal Brown and staff can build their whole team around.  He could be the future of West Virginia football.

Bob Huggins for Governor of West Virginia 2020

During this unprecedented time in our country's history, Jim Justice has proven to be a largely ineffective Governor of our state.  His incoherent rambling is an an embarrassment to our state and he had absolutely no experience or credentials prior to taking office back in 2016. With this said, Justice will likely remain the Governor of the state unless something drastic takes place. Although Bob Huggins has one of his most talented teams in his illustrious career returning next season, he is one of the most respected and admired people in the state of West Virginia and has a greater calling than merely being a basketball coach. Huggins, 66, is already the state's highest paid public employee, earning $3.9 million a year.  In contrast, the governor of West Virginia earns approximately $150,000 a year, which would be an incredible reduction in salary for Huggins. However, Huggins cares about the state and its people more than anything else in the world, and a move to Governor of the state isn't as far-fetched as some may think.  With Huggins' name recognition in the state, he would not have to do any campaigning and would not have to spend a penny on advertisements. Although Huggins has never gotten into political discussions during his time as a coach, he is certainly a very capable leader.  In addition, Huggins graduated magna cum laude in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science Degree and earned a Master's Degree in 1978.  Since then, his success in his profession is virtually unmatched in the history of coaching, and it's certainly possible that a new challenge might be exactly what he's looking for. Bob Huggins is the only person that can save West Virginia from four more years of Jim Justice.  Retiring as the Head Coach for the West Virginia Mountaineers and paving the way for a young, up-and-coming coach like Joe Mazzulla or Darris Nichols to lead our great state would be the very best thing that Bob Huggins could do for the people of West Virginia.

Kwantel Raines Officially Enters Transfer Portal

Kwantel Raines has officially entered the Transfer Portal and intends to leave West Virginia University.  Raines, the Redshirt Freshman Safety out of Aliquippa, PA, was absent in West Virginia's final home game against Oklahoma State. Neal Brown, on his weekly press conference, said that Raines "didn't dress and is trying to figure out what he's going to do."  Brown added, "I haven't talked to him." This didn’t  sound great for Raines returning to the team and the loss of yet another player in the already-thin secondary is difficult for the Mountaineers. Raines was a four star prospect out of high school by ESPN, Rivals and 247 Sports.  He was the 7th best prospect in the state of Pennsylvania according to 247  Sports. https://twitter.com/WVUfootball/status/943509363339202560?s=20

My War on the West Virginia Sports Media

Elvis Presley was hated, despised by the majority of the public when he started his career in show business.  It’s unthinkable to consider now, but Elvis – his music, his persona, his dance moves – was dangerous to most people.  For people who grew up on traditional jazz and show tunes, Elvis gyrating his hips to a completely new sound was dangerous, threatening, despised.   Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play Major League Baseball in the modern era, encountered massive amounts of racism from teams, fans, and even his own teammates.  He went on to become one of the best baseball players ever and universally adored by sports fans, but people were not used to seeing an African American play baseball with white players and they resisted change. Both Presley and Robinson eventually broke down barriers in their respective profession, despite being challenged every moment throughout the beginning of their careers.  The point is, people are resistant to change and what they don’t understand, they blindly attack. The West Virginia media is filled with “yes men”, professional journalists who are told what to think and what to write, what to cover and what to stay away from.  Anything controversial or different is avoided because they are comfortable with the status quo and without asking more of their audience. To prove my point, I challenge my audience to find one West Virginia sports writer who has challenged the status quo or the popular opinion.  Just one.  One writer, one article, one case of a West Virginia writer stating an unpopular opinion.  You’ll find that it’s impossible because it doesn’t exist.  This is important because it highlights how all sports journalists – particularly those covering WVU sports – share one voice.  Their unwillingness – or inability – to challenge their readers or the popular belief of others should be considered repulsive by readers.  West Virginians are exceptionally proud and love the great state of West Virginia.  Unfortunately, journalists in the state have taken advantage of this pride by only presenting the positives and what they know their readers want to read.  This isn’t real because not only positives exist in our world.  Often there are negatives and the no-so-pretty (ugly) side of West Virginia sports (which is significant) goes unreported. For example, Neal Brown gives a press conference every Tuesday afternoon at noon.  He updates the media and gives us a few nuggets that the general population will find interesting.  West Virginia writers take Brown’s updates, adds a few of his quotes and creates an “article” out of this.  There is no thought put into it, no controversy, no talent.   This is why it’s impossible to tell the difference between the WVU 247 Rivals site, Smoking Musket, DubV Sports Now SI, etc., because their articles are literally exactly the same.  Their articles are easy, safe, non-threatening and their limited remaining readers eat it right up.  These outlets know what West Virginians want to hear and they spoon feed it to them.  This type of journalism is coming to an end and that is evidenced by how badly we’re beating them. For their readers to question what I do and say that I what I do is “clickbait” or “garbage” or “sensationalism” is outrageous.  Don’t you see how much easier it would be for me to write the same safe articles that they do?  Their articles require zero talent and minimal effort.  Didn’t people see Elvis’ superb talent, or were they too blinded by their own misconceptions?  Were people able to see Jackie Robinson’s extraordinary abilities through their own prejudices? What I’m doing is different, unique and revolutionary.  I’m giving the state of West Virginia and its people a voice.  Not the same shared voice that West Virginia readers have digested for so long but a new, passionate voice that cares so much about our state and the university that questions, constructively criticizes and makes our world a better place.   Like Elvis Presley and Jackie Robinson, being different and revolutionary isn’t always easy, but it’s meaningful and it’s a fight worth fighting.

BREAKING: West Virginia Hires New Athletics Director

Morgantown, West Virginia - Moments ago, it was revealed that Wren Baker will be West Virginia's new athletic director. Baker will replace Shane Lyons, who was forced to resign last week. Wren Baker, who was named the University of North Texas Vice President and Director of Athletics on July 29, 2016, has had an incredible impact on the Mean Green since then. Seven Mean Green programs (men’s cross country, volleyball, women’s soccer, football, men’s basketball, women’s golf and softball) have combined to win 17 conference or division championships during Baker’s tenure. Baker, who is considered one of the most respected young administrators in college sports, is expected to sign the deal that is reportedly a six year deal, according to Pete Thamel. Baker will now be responsible for the future of Neal Brown, which will be critical for the future of the West Virginia athletic department. https://twitter.com/rossdellenger/status/1597970431327277057?s=46&t=BQ2QdXux2PpKaKnDu7cCng

Alek Manoah Will Start This Week Against the Yankees

Morgantown, West Virginia - Former West Virginia Mountaineers starting pitcher Alek Manoah has been unstoppable this season in AAA and now, he will have an opportunity to compete against the very best in the world! According to The Athletic, Manoah will be called up to the Toronto Blue Jays in the major leagues and will get the start this Wednesday against the New York Yankees! In three minor league starts this season, Manoah is 3-0, with 0.50 ERA, 27 strikeouts in 18 innings pitched and a WHIP (Walks + hits / IP) of 0.556 with the Buffalo Bison in AAA. As a junior at WVU in 2019, Manoah finished with a 9-4 record, 144 strikeouts and a 2.08 ERA - all of which earned him an unanimous Big 12 Pitcher of the Year award. https://twitter.com/ken_rosenthal/status/1396968825459986434?s=21  

West Virginia beat the Big 12 Conference (and TCU)

Make no mistake about it, the Big 12 Conference wanted TCU to beat the West Virginia Mountaineers in last night's regular season finale for both teams, paving the way for bowl eligibility for the Horned Frogs. The Big 12 Conference wanted TCU to win for two very obvious reasons:  1.) More prestige for the conference.  A TCU win sends them to a bowl game, which is good for the conference. 2.) The most obvious and undeniable reason, of course, is the almighty dollar.  Money.  A TCU win means more money for the conference.  A West Virginia win does nothing for the conference. For an entity whose sole reasons for existing are building prestige and making money, there's very little reason for the Big 12 Conference to value fair play over doing whatever it takes to ensure that the right team - the team that makes them the most money - wins. It takes a special kind of naivete and innocence to believe that the Big 12 Conference, or any conference in major college sports, puts the safety of the student athlete or fair, honest play before making money.  Take the example of the overturned targeting call at the end of the first half of the West Virginia/TCU game. https://twitter.com/VoiceofWV/status/1200741316445065216?s=20 To begin, calls are rarely if ever actually overturned.  It takes absolute, indisputable proof and that almost never happens.  West Virginia, tied 10-10 with 2 minutes and 18 seconds left in the first half, was driving and on the way to taking the lead.  Kennedy McKoy caught a screen pass from Jarret Doege, ran towards the sideline and was targeted in the most vicious, obvious way possible by Grant Wallow, TCU's best defender and leading tackler. Multiple replays were shown and ESPN's replay official Jeff Hansen confirmed what we all saw. Hansen said, "You've got to meet two criteria.  You're always looking when it comes to targeting for an indicator.  Is there forceable contact, is the playing launching, thrusting, lowering their head or leading with the helmet?  I would say he's leading and there's an attack with the crown of the helmet.  It looks like you get both things satisfied there and we're going to look at Garret Wallow sitting the rest of the game out." Garret Wallow is TCU's best player.  He's their emotional leader and he's 7th in the FBS in tackles with 10.3 per game.  Him being called for targeting - being removed from the game, giving West Virginia 15 yards and a 1st down in TCU territory with the teams tied at 10-10 and the Mountaineers getting the ball back in the 2nd half - would have been devastating for TCU.  The chances of TCU winning the game would have gone done drastically without their best player, losing at half and on defense to start the 2nd half. There is simply no other explanation for what came next.  The officials looked at the replay and overturned the call. https://twitter.com/VoiceofWV/status/1200742469249458176?s=20 Rather than the Mountaineers being up 13-10 or 17-10 at the end of the 1st half with the ball going into the 2nd half, the game was tied at 10-10 and TCU still had their best defender. The Big 12 Conference only cares about making money.  In West Virginia's previous game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys - a game they eventually lost 20-13 - there were several questionable calls.  Sam James' apparent touchdown was ruled down at the 1 yard line, Jarret Doege's ensuing quarterback sneak appeared to be a touchdown, but both were ruled in favor of Oklahoma State.  What good would West Virginia (4-6 at the time) beating the #21 ranked Oklahoma State team do for the Big 12 Conference? In collegiate sports, where it should be all about fair play and the safety of the student athletes, it's all about money and that's so, so disappointing. When the West Virginia basketball team - potentially undefeated and highly ranked - travels to Lawrence to play the Kansas Jayhawks in the Mountaineers' Big 12 conference opener, no one expects for the game to be called fairly and that's such a shame.  Kansas, a perennial national championship contender, makes money for the Big 12 Conference and the Jayhawks losing games is just bad business for the conference. Neal Brown, who spoke up against the role of the replay booth following the Oklahoma State game, said he was still waiting for a call back from the Big 12 Head of Officials Greg Burks.  My guess is that he won't ever hear back from Burks because the answer is obvious.  The Big 12 Conference is only concerned about putting the teams with the best chance of making them money in position to win games.

Fire Neal Brown Protests in Morgantown

Morgantown, West Virginia - Several West Virginia students gathered outside of the Mountainlair on the campus of West Virginia University today to voice their frustrations with the Mountaineers football program. West Virginia has started 0-2 for the first time since 1979 and many believe that head coach Neal Brown be fired immediately. WVU Student Dillon Kuhns was captured on video today in front of the Mountainlair screaming relentlessly about the team and his thoughts on Neal Brown. “0-2 to f***ing a**!,” Kuhns yelled. “We lost to Kansas and f***ing Pitt! Neal Brown has a $4 million dollar contract to be 17-20! We lost to f***ing Kansas!” Check out the video below: https://twitter.com/mgtnquasar/status/1570454367408463873?s=46&t=fEMBvE20p4-GtEy5y0ol_g

Greatest West Virginia-born Athletes EVER Ranked

There have been many great athletes that were born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, but the following ten individuals stand out for their outstanding accomplishments during their career. Although there will likely be other rankings released down the line, this is in fact the definitive list of West Virginia's greatest native athletes ranked from #10 to the #1 most accomplished, best athlete in the state's history.  Without further ado, here are the rankings: #10  John Kruk - Charleston, WV 3-time Major League Baseball All Star, finishing his career with a .300 batting average during a 10 year career. Kruk played in the World Series in 1993.    #9  "Hot Rod" Hundley - Charleston, West Virginia Following his outstanding career at West Virginia University, Hundley was the #1 overall pick in the 1957 NBA Draft by the Cincinnati Royals. He was 2-time All-American for the Mountaineers and a 2-time NBA All Star.  #8 George Brett - Glen Dale, WV Inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999, Brett had 3,154 career hits, which is the most in major league history by a 3rd baseman and 16th all-time. In addition, Brett is one of only four players to finish his career with 3,000 hits, 300 home runs and a .300 batting average. #7 Chuck Howley - Wheeling, West Virginia Howley played college football at West Virginia University, then 15 years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys.  Howley was a 6 time Pro Bowl Selection, a Super Bowl Champion and a Super Bowl MVP. He remains one of the best football players to have not been selected to the Hall of Fame.  #6 Hal Greer - Huntington, West Virginia The first African-American top play college basketball at a West Virginia college, Greer finished his career at Marshall averaging 19.4 points and 10.8 points per game. Greer went on to be an NBA Champion in 1967, ending his career as a 10-time All Star.  His #15 was retired by the Philadelphia 76ers.    #5 Sam Huff - Edna, West Virginia Four-year letterman at WVU, earned All-American honors in 1955.  Huff was drafted by the New York Giants 1956. He was a Super Bowl Champion and a 5-time Pro Bowl selection in the National Football League.  #4 Randy Barnes - Charleston, West Virginia Barnes is a former shot putter who holds both the current outdoor and indoor world records for the event. He won silver at the 1988 Olympics and gold at the 1996 Olympics.  His records still stand today. #3 Mary Lou Retton - Fairmont, West Virginia Retton is considered one of the most outstanding gymnasts in Olympics history, winning a gold medal in the individual all-around competition, as well as two silver medals and two bronze medals in the 1984 Olympics.  #2  Randy Moss - Rand, West Virginia During his incredible collegiate career with the Marshall Thundering Herd, Moss set Division I-AA records with most games with a touchdown reception (11), most consecutive games with a touchdown reception (11) and most receiving yards gained by a freshman in a season (1073).   During his Hall of Fame NFL career, Moss finished with records for most touchdown receptions in a season (23), most touchdown receptions by a rookie in a season (17), most seasons with 17 or more touchdown receptions (3). #1 Jerry West - Chelyan, West Virginia During his career with the West Virginia Mountaineers, West was the school's all-time leading scorer and was twice named an All-American. West was drafted by the Lakers with the 2nd overall pick by the Lakers in the 1960 NBA Draft.  While in the NBA, West was a 14 time All Star, a 10 time All NBA First Team, an NBA champion and a NBA Finals MVP. West is considered one of the top players in basketball history and also one of the best executives in the game's history. 

BREAKING: West Virginia University to Fully Reopen Campus

Morgantown, West Virginia - Moments ago, West Virginia University announced that it will fully reopen for the Fall 2021 semester. According to the release, "COVID-19 numbers within the U.S. and West Virginia have significantly decreased as the number of vaccinations has increased. As of Monday (June 14), there were 2,799 active COVID-19 cases in West Virginia, a decrease of 57% from this time a month ago. The state is currently experiencing the lowest transmissibility rates since the pandemic began, according to data provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.  At this time, more than 52% of West Virginians above the age of 12 have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine." Vaccination is strongly encouraged but not mandatory for students, teachers or staff.  In addition, masks will not be required for those fully vaccinated and those not fully vaccinated will be expected to wear masks, though they will not be required to show proof of vaccination. Hopefully this means that the university will soon decide to allow full capacity at Mountaineers football and basketball home games for the upcoming season! https://twitter.com/wvutoday/status/1404867313740828673?s=20