Dana Holgorsen’s Shockingly Bad Recruiting Class

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — When Dana Holgorsen left West Virginia University to become the new head coach at Houston, he said the following: “We weren’t going to get high school kids at West Virginia that we were going to win the Big 12 with.”

Well, it doesn’t appear that he is going to get high school kids at Houston that he can win the Big 12 with either. According to 247 Sports, Houston currently has the 96th ranked high school recruiting class for 2024, which is dead last among Power 5 programs.

Even more shocking, Hologrsen said yesterday that he doesn’t intend to add to the class. “That ship has sailed pretty much,” Holgorsen said, referring to the 2024 recruiting class.  On Holgorsen’s radio show, he continued: “You know, there’s so many things that go into recruiting and recruiting has changed so much. There’s the high school guys that you recruit. Which right now, you know, the majority of the recruiting that we’re doing right now is more 2025 players, from a high school perspective.

If you’re still trying to recruit 2024 guys right now from a high school perspective, you’re late, right? It’s not great right now. I’ve said this a lot when it comes to recruiting. For Big 12 recruiting, 2024 guys need to see a Big 12 schedule, they need to see fans in the stands and exciting atmospheres like we witnessed two weeks ago, and they need to see dirt being moved on a new building.”

So perhaps it wasn’t West Virginia recruiiting but instead Dana Holgorsen’s poor recruiting that hurt the program during his tenure? Houston is currently near the bottom of the Big 12 Conference with a 3-5 overall record and a 1-4 record in Big 12 Conference play, and although Holgorsen claims that his program is “in transition” right now, he may not survive as the head coach of the team much longer. Holgorsen is currently on the hot seat and many supporters of the program believe it’s time to move on from him, despite his large contract buyout.