I Challenge Winston Wright to a Race Up Law School Hill

Morgantown, West Virginia – At 42 years old, I’m attempting to get into the best physical condition of my life.  I’ve prioritized my health and want to continue to push my limits.

The West Virginia football program has used Law School Hill for decades to train its student-athletes for the cardiovascular rigors of the football season.  The Hill, located just outside of Milan Puskar Stadium, is one of the steepest, most intimidating slopes in Morgantown and is an absolutely perfect way to train players.

Winston Wright is the undisputed fastest player on the West Virginia University football team.  Wright, a junior wide receiver for the Mountaineers, won the Georgia Class 2A title in the 100 and 200 meters, setting a GISA state record of 22.22 seconds in the 200.

While challenging an offensive lineman or one of the slower players on the team might be a more realistic venture, I want to beat the best and the fastest. 

Winston “Showtime Jet” Wright is just that.

I genuinely believe in myself and have set this moonshot goal as my motivation to continue to get better.  I want to make bold goals and do whatever I can to reach them.  I fully understand that beating Winston Wright up Law School Hill is a bold goal and it will be met with ridicule, but that only motivates and empowers me more.

After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  I plan to beat Winston Wright up that hill.  Running up hills is less about God-given talent and more about heart, and I fully expect to out-heart him.

If Wright accepts my challenge, I will tack five $100 bills on the tree at the top of Law School Hill.  The winner takes the $500.

The race is scheduled for October 16th, during West Virginia’s bye week, so that Wright will be fresh and ready.  I not only want to beat the best, I want to beat the best at his best.