John Flowers Makes Amazingly Accurate Comparison

John Flowers is one of the most active former Mountaineer Basketball players on Twitter. Last night, the former West Virginia star made a late night “random” comparison that turned out to be insanely accurate.

Flowers suggested that preserving the confederate statues in our nation would be the same as Mountaineers preserving statues of Pitt and Marshall at the Coliseum. He would state that since the games are no longer played, we shouldn’t “want to erase the history of the classic games.”

Think about this — the main argument to keep confederate statues in our nation up is to preserve “our history.” However, much like all things, there are events in the past we should not be proud of. The confederates and all they stood for are one of those things.

If you argue in favor of them, you are no better than someone who would place a Pitt or Marshall statue at the Coliseum. Flowers is absolutely on the money with this tweet.