Mysterious Flight From Michigan in Morgantown

A flight from Pontiac, Michigan, where John Beilein currently lives, flew into the Morgantown Airport today.  

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — As rumors of former West Virginia head coach John Beilein potentially replacing Bob Huggins as the new head coach of the Mountaineers are starting to ramp up, a flight from Pontiac, Michigan flew into the Morgantown Airport today. Pontiac, Michigan is the home of the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association and where he currently lives. Beilein is currently serves as the Senior Player Development Advisor for the Pistons.

The flight left Pontiac at 1:47PM and landed in Morgantown, West Virginia at 2:28PM eastern time. The Voice of Morgantown had someone at the airport at the time and attempted to see who was on the plane. However, our person was unable to see who came off the plane and reported that nothing out of the ordinary was happening at the airport.

With that said, there is a tremendous amount of smoke surrounding Beilein inevitably coming back to West Virginia. One source said that the agreement is “complex” but that both sides are working through it.

Stay tuned to The Voice of Morgantown for more updates as they become available!