Pitt Fan Films His Time in Morgantown for the Backyard Brawl

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The West Virginia Mountaineers welcomed the Pitt Panthers to Morgantown this past weekend for the Backyard Brawl and of course West Virginia beat Pitt 17-6.

A video has surfaced from before the game in which a Pitt fan filmed his experience in Morgantown. Although this certainly isn’t representative of every Pitt fans’ time during The Brawl, it was startling to see how this particular Pittsburgh native was treated by West Virginia fans.

The Pitt fan said things like, “Good luck today, you are going to need it.” West Virginia fans responded by spewing obscentities, saying “Eat **** Pitt”, getting up in his face and flipping him off, and even pushing him.

Check out the full video below: