Popular Social Media Account Says WVU is “Scared” to Play This Team

Big Game Boomer has once again struck with a list.


Morgantown, WV – It should be no secret at this point that the popular social media account Big Game Boomer does not like WVU. Earlier today, the often controversial account released a “One School That Every Team is Secretly Very Scared to Play This Season” list. Who was listed as WVU’s team is, well, laughable.

Pitt is listed as the team that West Virginia is “scared” to play.

Of course this list is nonsensical as all of these teams are playing their listed. If they were scared, they would do everything in their power to not play them.

All in all, it will get people talking, but Big Game Boomer can only do just that. Any logic or merit in this list, or any other of their lists, is simply out the window.

(Photo by WVU Athletics)