Why Taz Sherman Returning Means Miles McBride is Leaving

Morgantown, West Virginia – Taz Sherman has been very vocal about his desire to one day play basketball professionally.  Although he decided to return to West Virginia University for one more season, ultimately he wants to put himself in position to play basketball for money when he leaves Morgantown.

Sherman, who averaged 13.1 points per game for the Mountaineers last season, proved that he is a very capable scorer who can create his own shots, shoot consistently from three-point range and also get in the lane and finish.

With that said, at 6’4, NBA scouts and executives view Sherman as undersized for a scoring guard at the next level.  After receiving feedback from the NBA, Sherman realized that the only way that he could possibly improve his draft stock would be to show that he can play the point guard position.

Returning to West Virginia University as a scoring guard would give him an opportunity to pursue a national championship with his teammates for another year, but would be relatively meaningless individually.

In other words, Sherman’s best chance at earning the attention of NBA scouts and executives would be to play point guard for the Mountaineers and prove that he is capable of leading a team.

However, with the possibility of Miles “Deuce” McBride returning and Old Dominion transfer Malik Curry joining the team, it would be unlikely that he would have any time at the point guard position to prove himself.

With Miles McBride now considered a certain late 1st round/early 2nd round pick in the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft, Sherman likely has heard that McBride will remain in the draft, thus opening up an opportunity for him to show his abilities as a passer and team leader.

Although losing Miles “Deuce” McBride will be challenging for the Mountaineers, Malik Curry is a very worthy replacement and Taz Sherman will be motivated to prove that he can play point guard for future professional opportunities.