Why WVU’s Win Over Baylor Should Excite You

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

It wasn’t pretty, but damn was it fun.


West Virginia was able to knock off the Baylor Bears, 27-21, in double overtime last Saturday. Many times throughout the game, it appeared as if the Mountaineers were going to throw the game away. But with Neal Brown as their leader, they were able to find a way to win. Several fans were not pleased with the performance, and rightfully so.


The offense was often anemic, and special teams yet again had a crucial blunder. A performance like this would have likely resulted in a loss for the 2019 squad. However, this 2020 team is built different and heading in the right direction. Though it was often a hard game to watch, the ugly win against Baylor should excite fans moving forward.


All that matters in the game of football is winning. No matter how you do it, just win the damn game. West Virginia was able to overcome self-inflicted adversity and do just enough to beat the Bears. What they displayed for the entire nation to see last Saturday was growth. This team has come a long way from where it was just a season ago.


Good teams find a way to win ball games, and bad teams find a way to lose ball games. Considering West Virginia found a way to win, all things considered, we have ourselves a pretty good team. This team is no longer inexperienced as they were last season. They have encountered these close matchups, in which they lost too often last season. Now, they are ready to turn the corner.


Fans should be excited because the team appears to have finally learned to win. They have taken one on the chin over the last year, and they are finally ready to fight back against a strong Big 12 Conference. The team has improved and is continuing to improve, though it does not always appear so. There will be times when the offense struggles and the defense gives up a big play, but as long as the Mountaineers can hang around, they have a chance.


If West Virginia can have close games against the heavyweights against the Big 12, look out. They have more than enough to pull off the win. Not only do they have the talent, but they now have the confidence. The Mountaineers have tasted what it is like to win close matchups, and they know what it takes to pull them off now.


Don’t blink, because this season could become really fun, really fast. Be excited and take into consideration that a win is a win. Trusting the Climb is crucial in times like these, and Mountaineer Nation has a lot to look forward to.