WVU Doesn’t Care if You Stop Supporting Them

“I’m done.”

“No more WVU for me!”


“I hope they lose every game.”


These are just a few comments from so-called “WVU fans” this evening. Fans who have proven they care nothing about the players they have supported for years.


Today, WVU defensive lineman Dante Stills revealed the newest addition to WVU’s helmet; a “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) sticker. This in reaction to the social unrest going on in our country today, and in support of those speaking out and wanting change. However, as shown in the Kerry Martin Jr. situation, Mountaineer “fans” are not the most rational of people when it comes to these circumstances.


Instead of trying to show compassion and understanding to the players who may be affected by what is going on in the United States, hundreds upon hundreds of West Virginians have turned to anger this evening. Anger that does nothing more than show their true colors. These players have this platform and are able to speak out for what they believe is right. As a lifelong Mountaineer fan, I believe it is our duty as supporters of the program to exhibit understanding and show empathy for these players as many are hurting right now. But no, a large portion of the fanbase is threatening to drop their support altogether.


I am here to tell you today, WVU, Mountaineer Football, and the competent portion of Mountaineer Nation do not give a damn if you stop supporting the Old Gold and Blue over this. Your overreaction to this situation does nothing more than show your mostly uneducated nature, and lack of ability to show tolerance and empathy. As a matter of fact, if you are one of the individuals tore up about this, and you were also a part of the crowd who was calling Kerry Martin Jr. a “snowflake,” you just may be better off taking your sorry ass support to Marshall



For the most part, I try to stray away from sharing any strong opinions, but enough is enough. It is time we begin to recognize who the real fans are, and who is there simply for their entertainment purposes.  Enough commenting and enough complaining. The real fans have had enough of your nonsense, and we will continue to support our guys 100%.


If this has offended you in any manner, chances are you are the problem.


Let’s Go Mountaineers