Players Are Taking Notice to Fair Weather Fans

Well, Mountaineer Nation — you have really done it now.

You have continued to show yourselves, and players are now beginning to take notice.

WVU linebacker Josh Chandler-Semedo shared screenshots of a Facebook post from a “fan” sharing his opinion on the “BLM” sticker on the Mountaineers’ helmets this season. Needless to say, he isn’t happy about the response from the fan.

“Ima just leave this here…”


If Chandler-Semedo sees it in the fanbase, you know other players do as well. This is not a good look on behalf of the fans for current players, and certainly not for future recruits.

If we are lucky, the fair weather fans will begin to weed themselves out. We have a bright future, and I plan to Trust the Climb no matter what. Show these players love.

Let’s Go Mountaineers